1. Pom-pom making! Every gift deserves to be topped with a pretty pom-pom. Don't you agree?
2. Gift wrapping.....a little Secret Santa surprise. I bought the gift tags from here.
3. Delicious homemade Gluten and Dairy Free Rocky-Road for all of my sweet lovin' family and friends. I made the little gift tags from scraps of fabric that I just couldn't part with.

Merry Christmas and much love for 2012 x

Excitement + Thrifted Finds!

1. Falling in love with seam.  It's full of pretty things, inspiring peeps and is printed on lovely thick matte paper.

2. So.....was beyond excited when I spotted my little Pear Shaped Pincushion amongst the pages! Thanks seam.

3. Some lovely thrifted treats. An embroidered tablecloth with matching napkins + some crochet doilies.

I hope your Monday was a happy one! x

The Weekend.....

1. Cupcakes for a special friend. I made my own little heart shaped cupcake toppers with some toothpicks and scraps of felt! So sweet and easy!

2. My girls + a selection of sweet treats + a birthday to celebrate = a lovely Saturday afternoon!

3. A gift from my little brother. His latest wood carved creation.  Mr. Rustic Reindeer.  He has found a comfortable new home next to our Christmas tree. Welcome to the family Mr. Reindeer!

I hope your weekend was full of love, laughter and sweet treats shared with friends x

'Tis the season

1. Friday afternoon was spent decorating our new Christmas tree and listening to festive music. Blake didn't complain about the music at all. Ha!

2. Lots of pretty baubles.

3. A Fossick Handmade Christmas. Can you spot the moose & bird 'Winking Girl Pillow'?

Happy festive season lovelies! x