Bits & Bobs

1. I was so excited to discover one of my Franny Dolls in the latest issue of peppermint magazine! In the home of fashion blogger James of Bleubird.

2. My little Franny with her blue polka dot scarf.

3. Re-decorating! I decided to rearrange my kitchen dresser last week and went with a white theme!

Happy Thursday x


1. A completed crafty project! I loved doing a spot of cross-stitching when I was younger and have been meaning to do a little cross-stitch project since I came across these lovely patterns on Etsy. I think this pattern will be my next project!

2. In beloved roses!

3. Our lemon tree is flowering.....I can see a lemon meringue pie in the not too distant future!

I hope your weekend has been a sweet one! Happy Sunday x

Vintage Patterns

Post Christmas must be a time for organising, sorting and cleaning out your nest. Everybody seems to be doing it (including me). Mum was having a tidy up last week and came across all of her old dressmaking patterns (I gladly took all of them off of her hands).....

1. I absolutely love the illustrations on vintage patterns.  Colourful, cute and quirky! The really old 'Home Journal' patterns belonged to my Great Nana Pink!

2. An old copy of 'Australian Home Journal'. February 1959.

3. Some illustrations from amongst the pages of 'Australian Home Journal'.

Happy Friday x